About us

Robert atop a new shelterBorn and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Robert Bridges is a carpenter, woodworker, designer and a pioneer in the use of CNC tools in the construction industry. His custom building company, RBW Design Build, and CNC fabrication shop, eFab Local, both actively support the Shelter 2.0 effort.

A strong need to help those in distress inspired the Shelter 2.0 project, to both supply housing to those in need and to encourage innovation in the production of emergency and transitional housing.






Bill Young, a boat carpenter for most of his life before discovering digital fabrication while manufacturing boat kits, now works for ShopBot Tools and helps with design and fabrication development for the Shelter 2.0 project.

He also works on 100kgarages.com to promote local or “distributed”  manufacturing, one of the goals of the Shelter 2.0 project.