What is Shelter 2.0 about

What is Shelter 2.0 and what is it all about? That is a question I think about often and thought about a lot on my ride home from Atlanta yesterday. Often when I talk to people they get caught up in the actual physical structure of the shelter itself but that is such a small […]

Shelter model in the Sketchup 3d warehouse

We’ve posted a 3d model of the new Shelter design in the Sketchup 3d warehouse..you can find it in the Axiom Structures collection. If you don’t use Sketchup you can see a preview below. Be patient…it may take a few seconds to load, but when you see the shelter and it’s shipping crate you can […]

New Website

As you can see we have a cool new website thanks to our friend…. architect, boatbuilder, and digital fabrication collaborator Becky Shoemaker. We’re steadily shuffling content over so check back often for more website updates.

Shelter fundraiser at Chatham Winery

We’ll be hosting a fundraiser on Dec. 11th at Chatham Vineyards in Machipongo, VA. We will be steaming clams, eating pork BBQ and listening to the sounds of Jim Fabricatore and friends. Tickets are twenty dollars and the money will go towards more shelters and buying the equipment for the local high school to start […]

Robert’s trip to the Mad Housers

It’s very easy to walk by a homeless person on the sidewalk and ignore them or see them as nothing more than some lazy bum who ought to just clean up their act and get a job, but it’s on the rare occasion that you take time out from your busy life as we did […]