End User License Agreement

General terms and conditions

The original Shelter 2.0 files are licensed with a Creative Commons license 

and they will continue with that license, but we've had enough interesting
requests that we thought it would be easier with the newer versions to just
put down our expectations when you use the Shelter 2.0 files and designs.

1) You can use these files for your own personal use, free of charge.

2) You can use these files to make a Shelter to give away, free of charge

3) You CAN NOT use these files commercially for a Shelter that you will sell
or charge for, with these exceptions:

*** You can charge enough for a Shelter to cover direct material and fabrication costs.
We know how hard fund raising is and encourage projects to be sustainable.

*** You can sell or rent finished shelters IF any money collected is used for a "good cause".

You can figure out what that means...donating the money to support a local
homeless shelter is a "good cause", but paying for your trip to Vegas isn't.
All we ask is that you contact us first with your plan and we'll be happy to
give you the OK.

*) If you use these files, please let us know and give Shelter 2.0 credit.

It's not that we're needy and crave praise, but feedback helps us know how

the project is doing.

*) Please don't host these files yourself...it's a struggle to keep things up

to date as is, and much harder if they are scattered all around.

*) If you do make a change or think of a better way to do something, please let

us know.

*) We don't claim to be clever enough to have thought of all the possibilities,

so if you have an idea that doesn't fit anywhere in here, just send us an email

at info@shelter20.com and explain what you have in mind. Our interest is in

having Shelters built, so we're pretty agreeable.

Bill and Robert