When the whole idea of Shelter 2.0 started we had no idea where it would go and we certainly had no idea how much we would learn from the whole project, and that is the mission of Shelter 2.0. It’s a way to share ideas, technology and experiences with people from all over the world. A way for us to learn from each other, whether it be digital fabrication, or how to mix massive amounts of concrete on the ground with no cement truck or mixer for miles. On this latest trip to Haiti we learned that not only did the shelter go together easily by people who had never seen one before in their lives, but that human goodness, sharing and the passion to make things is alive and well in Haiti, maybe more so than here in the states. The nine men who worked with us for three days were not men we knew or had hired before hand, but rather were friends of the couple who got the first shelter, that just came to help set the shelter up so that their friends might have a shelter regardless if they had one or not. And while they were paid for the second two shelters and did an excellent job of setting them up, it was awesome to watch  those nine men take over the process, so that by the third shelter we were nothing more than labor assisting them in completing their project. It was truly an amazing experience and made us realize that if we could set those nine men up in business they could be a part of the rebuilding effort in Haiti, provide for their families, as well as add a tremendous amount of knowledge to Shelter 2.0 through their experiences rebuilding and housing the community around them.

Photos of the Trip

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