This past weekend we were in Atlanta assembling a shelter with a group that is passionate about helping the homeless. The Mad Housers are dedicated to providing shelter to the homeless community of Atlanta by building  a variety of small shelters for their clients. They believe that a person without a home has a far greater chance of staying on the street  and that given a secure place to live, a person is much more likely to be able to find the resources necessary to help themselves. This is exactly what we are trying to do with Shelter 2.0. It is our goal that through the digital fabrication process groups like the Mad Housers will appear all around the world. No longer will it be necessary to find skilled volunteers but that shelters and houses will go together like puzzles. Once a shelter is put up, the resident of that shelter can help the next client and so on until next thing you know there is housed community with a sense of pride that with a little help they helped themselves.

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