It’s very easy to walk by a homeless person on the sidewalk and ignore them or see them as nothing more than some lazy bum who ought to just clean up their act and get a job, but it’s on the rare occasion that you take time out from your busy life as we did this weekend in Atlanta that you realize how human the homeless really are, and that possibly one small effort by a few can make big difference for many.   This weekend we traveled to Atlanta to demonstrate how to set up one of our shelters and leave it behind for the  Mad Housers to use as a community area in one of their camps. The Mad Housers are an amazing group that build and  set up shelters for the homeless in Atlanta. We spent the day with them both building and discussing what working with the homeless in Atlanta is like and how they would like to see their organization do more than they already are . They are an amazing group of individuals doing incredible work, fueled by the obvious passion of the organizations president Nick Hess. It was a great weekend and great way to kick off  National Hunger and Homelessness week and I look forward to working with Nick and the Mad Housers in the future.

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