Shelter 2.0 is a digitally fabricated transitional shelter designed by Bill Young and Robert Bridges. It is our hope that by offering our designs and cut files to anyone who needs them or has the desire to help those in need that we can help change the way the homeless and displaced are provided for in the future. Shelter 2.0 is about sharing designs and ideas, so that as a design community bound by no borders we can begin to change the way the world thinks about design, production and accessibility.

We’re slowly working on tuning up the Shelter 2.0 website. Some things that didn’t work before will hopefully work now, and with any luck the things that used to work still do!

UPDATE: Our friends at Vectric have worked some software magic and tagged the files for the 8’x8′ Shelter so that they can be opened and toolpathed in the free trial version of VCarve! We created the various Shelter 2.0 designs in VCarve, and this allows us to  share all the information about cutting that is lost when converting to other formats like dxf, making it easier to fabricate Shelters around the world!

Links and more info on the CNC Files and Instructions page